Hydraulic Cylinders for the Material Handling Industry

CDL2MP5_63_36_160D1X_B11CHUM_W_W_K0_VNone_Emm 1Fork lift trucks, pallet loaders, conveyors, cranes, and so on. These machines are at the heart of any facility moving materials and products.

These machines also depend on the power of hydraulic cylinders to do their work. That means that the cylinders have to be reliable. A failure means loss of production and profit.

At Gidrolast, we appreciate that. We build our cylinders to last with precision machining and using heavy duty seals and bearings. Our factory uses the latest high technology production methods including robotic welders, friction welders, and skive roller burnishing.

Our quality control methods are the best in the business. And to cap it off, all of our cylinders are 100% pressure tested before they leave our factory.

That means that our customers are 100% confident when they mount a Gidrolast mast cylinder into the bowels of their fork lift truck or assemble a lift cylinder under a heavy duty conveyor.

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