Hydraulic parking lift

1-241x300Pop up Single stage scissor lift with load bearing roof, provide’s access to underground parking facility

Technical Specification

The Gidrolast is lifted by means of an electro-hydraulic system.

Electrical Requirement
240V 16Amp 3 phase supply is preferable, but Cardok can be adapted to run on a 240v 32 amp single phase supply.

Power Consumption
Gidrolast is very energy efficient. It only requires about the same amount of energy to operate through one cycle as it takes to boil a kettle of water.

Structural Design
Design has been carried out using the latest finite element software. However, site conditions need to be expertly assessed to ensure that they remain within defined parameters. The standard total lifting capacity is 5 tonnes. Each platform will support a safe working load of 3 tonnes.

Surface Protection and Finish
The gutter and tank sides are treated against corrosion, giving maintenance-free protection for the life
of the Gidrolast.

Hot dipped Galvanised Steel Slats provide a durable finish to the lower platform floor, with aluminum checker plate details for added comfort and ease of access in any type of footwear.

A 40mm deep tray is fitted on the top platform as standard, and can be finished with a covering to match the surrounding area. A deeper tray up to 50mm can also be fitted, to accommodate almost any surface treatment. The covering can have a mass of 1.4 tonnes without affecting the safe working load of the platforms.

Gidrolast is almost un-noticeable when in the lowered position. When raised, the top platform and support posts are very slender and constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel to ensure a long life.

Operation is by hand-held radio control device and is “hold to run”. The operator must at all times ensure that he or she has full visual command of the moving platform and can react to stop the lift from moving by simply releasing pressure from the command button on the remote control unit.
A standard Gidrolast is supplied as a fully assembled and tested unit within a watertight tank. Any build up of water in the sump (from vehicles dripping or driving rain when the platform is raised) is pumped away via a filtered automatic sump pump.

Hydraulic Operation
The power unit is situated in the service area of the Gidrolast and is extremely quiet when operating. Lifting and lowering time is less than thirty seconds each way.

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Парковочный лифт

Парковочный лифт

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Автомобильные лифты Gidrolast

Major parameter of hydraulic parking lift


Platform size, mm

Weight, kg

Rising time, s

Lenght, mm

Width uper platform, mm

Width lower platform, mm

Height, mm

Грузоподъёмность: 2 000 кг

Gidrolast 2PX5300.2600.2000.2100


2600 2400 2100 3500 20

Грузоподъёмность: 3 000 кг

Gidrolast 2PX5300.2600.3000.2100


2600 2400 2100 4000 20


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